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LED Industrial Lighting

Industrial T5 fluorescent lightng, LED warehouse lighting in Seattle  and Vancouver BC

Industrial and Commercial Lighting Solutions

LED High-Bays

T5 High-Bays

Induction High Bays

industrial lightingIndustrial and commercial  lighting in high quality can benefit most facilities, cut down energy consumption, but also make a comfortable visual environment, help workers to alleviate fatigue, keep good work condition, as a result, production efficiency and pass rate are improved, working errors and safety accidents are reduced, finally improve the performance of enterprise value.

lighting, should be based on visual requirements, operating conditions and environmental conditions, select the appropriate illumination, appropriate lighting  distribution and uniformity. This is where Alternative LED  differs from most lighting providers, typically, included with all lighting fixture sales we include lighting design reviews as most existing lighting systems were installed many years ago and most facilities have endured changes to their processes and functionality. More than likely  we are able to identify and redesign your lighting system to meet your current and future needs without breaking the bank, in fact quite often we are able actually reduce fixture quantities .

ALED  is the knowledgeable partner you’ve been looking for to design and provide a smart lighting solution to reduce your facility’s high cost of electricity, maintenance and operations.   Specializing in  new technology LED lighting, induction lighting, and T5 HO fluorescent  lighting.   ALED will deliver smart solutions at affordable cost.

Recommended Lighting Levels for Industrial and Warehouse

Warehouse – Inactive: bulky items; large labels 5 FC
Warehouse – Active: bulky items; large labels 10 FC
Warehouse – Active: small items; small labels 30 FC
Warehouse/Industrial – Shipping and Receiving 30 FC
Warehouse/Industrial – Assembly/Packaging – Medium 50-70 FC
Warehouse/Industrial – Assembly/Packaging – fine 75-100 FC
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