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We are ALTERNATIVE LED (lighting energy & design), we offer creative energy efficient lighting solutions with solid strategies and technologies.

About ALED

Smart, Agile, Imaginative

Alternative LED (Lighting, Energy & Design) is a progressive company specializing in energy efficient commercial and industrial lighting solutions servicing all of North America. Our focus is on new technology lighting including LED, High Output Fluorescent and Induction lighting. ALED is a hybrid lighting company whereas we do not simply rely on off the shelf solutions for complex environments, whereas we either partner or develop our own proprietary lighting fixtures to meet the mainstream and niche markets needs.


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Why Choose Us?

What services do you provide?

We provide creative energy efficient lightng solutions for commercial and industrial facilities, we simply do not just sell lighting fixtures,   we also provide our design services at no additional cost, (it is included with every lighting fixture quote we provide) unlike most lighting companies we look for all opportunities to save you money through creative design and diverse product offerings.  

Do you install the lighting?

No we do not, we do what we do best; providing the right lighting design with the best technology (lighting fixtures). We will leave the installation part to your local electricians, however we will provide project support and management throughout the  project. This also helps you keep the lighting project affordable allowing you the get multiple bids from several installers for the lowest installation cost.

How much will it cost?

Sounds expensive right? not at all,ALED has partnered directly with manufacturing to cut out the distribution channels usually associated with the sale of lighting fixtures. Like we have discussed, all of our lighting design services are at no cost you you and are included in every lighting fixture quote. Apples for apples ALED is rarely under bid…

What is involved in the FREE Lighting Audit?

If you are located in the NW United States or British Columbia Canada simply give us a call at (855) 350-011or email us. We will have one of our audit and design team contact you to set a time to visit you facility and do the audit. Depending on the size of your facility it usually takes about 1-4 hours. Once complete they will meet with our design team to determine the best practices for your lighting design. Then we will do energy comparisons between your existing lighting and the new  lighting proposed bay ALED. Once that is complete we will deliver the finished report to you and your team. Again this is a NO COST no obligation audit and if you feel that our findings are reasonable to pursue a lighting upgrade  all we ask is to consider ALED when you are ready to do your project.


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We are offering great opportunites for design, sales and project management.
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